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About KhSearch Ads

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Why Place Your Ads with Us?

Khsearch is a large website of Khmer’s education related resources for high school and university students in Cambodia. The website attracted 1.26M visitors and 9.2M pageview in 2020; and keep attracting more visitors officially recorded by “Google Analytics” as below:

Jan – Dec of 2020:

Jan – Feb of 2021:

What We Offers?

“Ads Package Plans”

Khsearch offers special Ads Package Plans on mobile web as choices:

Ads Placement Size (Pixel) Price Estimated Monthly Visitors Estimated Monthly Pageview
Mid Ads 350 x 80 $150/Month 150K ~ 300K 600K ~ 700K
Top Ads 350 x 150 $250/Month 150K ~ 300K 600K ~ 700K
Fixed Bottom Ads 350 x 85 $300/Month 150K ~ 300K 600K ~ 700K

Note: Offer for mobile web only

How to Place Your Ads with Us?

If you want to save your time, you can just go with Khsearch “Self Ads System” with just a few steps (check out the link: https://www.khsearch.com/advertisement )

  1. Select your Ads Placement & Create your ads
  2. Verify your ads by Khsearch team (just a few minute)
  3. Submit Payment and Public your Ads.

Note: Free of charge for “2 weeks” if you proceed by yourself with above steps; or Enjoy “1 week” if required support from us.

In case, you need help from us or need more info, we are right here waiting for you.

Mobile: +85512818525
Email: hou.hokheng@gmail.com



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