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ទីក្រុងភ្នំពេញ Phnom Penh


            Phnom Penh first grew up during the late fourteenth century at the junction of the Mekong, Tonle Sap and Bassac rivers in the southern part of the country. In 1443, it replaced Angkor Thom as the Capital of Cambodia. As well as the center for transport by air, river and road, Phnom Penh
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ចរាចរណ៍នៅក្រុងភ្នំពេញ The Traffic in Phnom Penh


            The roads in Phnom Penh are sometimes very busy with lots of traffic. Many people drive on them every day. There are lot of cycle, cars and trucks full of passengers. People can also come to Phnom Penh by train, but trains are not always safe. Buses are safer than trains. Cycles are much
ដោយ: Learning English នៅ 2019-03-02 00:53


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