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Comedy Short film

By: Charlie
Date: 2021-07-28 17:16
Category: Life
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Still Life
Directed by Jon Knautz. Starring Trevor Matthews. 9min
An exhausted-looking young man, popping pills and guzzling coffee, is driving through a small town when he runs over someone . . . or something. Getting out of the car, he finds the town is populated by creepy mannequins who seem intent on harming him. What elevates this beyond a bad Buffy episode is the terrifically sinister ending, which lingers long after the credits roll. Watch it here.



Directed by Neil Blomkamp. Starring Steve Boyle, Nic Rhind. 27min
Most short films, almost by definition, have a simple idea and a small budget. Firebase has neither. Neil Blomkamp, most famous for District 9 (based on his own ludicrously ambitious short), delivers balls-to-the-wall action in a Predator esque horror film set during the Vietnam War. The production values and CGI are on a scale almost never seen in these kinds of films, but if you have an aversion to extreme gore, this is one to avoid. Watch it here.





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