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A goal in my life

ប្រលងឆមាសលើកទី ១ ថ្នាក់ទី ១២ (សម័យប្រឡងៈ ២៦ កុម្ភៈ ២០០៨)

Write an essay about "A goal in your life" your essay must be in English and at least 150 words"


      Every person who lives in the world always has a goal of life. Goal is a limit and objective that we want. As for me, my goal is an appropriate occupation, Family and helping people in the country. When I was a kid, I had to go school. I attended from kindergarten until university because of my work. As soon as I myself graduated my courses, I would like to apply for a job. I had learnt a lot at the college about the subjects that I got a good job. I have studied Math, English and Computer skill in order to work with some companies and non-organizations. I can do the best for them. Thus education is necessary for me. It is a basic factor to find jobs. Jobs are waiting for all the men who have ability. For instance, it we want to be a doctor, we must study Math, chemistry, biology, Khmer, English and French. Like that we are able to be a doctor or nurse according to our study, too. When I get a job, I succeed the first thing in my life because it is good for my family.

      Second, when I have a good occupation, I must have a family in the society. It means that I have to get married. I have a good wife who I love. She is a person who looks after my children and me. She is a good housewife for cooking a meal. On behalf of a father or husband, I must take care and support them money. When they ask me some clothes, shoes, school supplies and jewelry, I have to give them because I am a leader of my family. I think that human being have family, kids and wife; they have a good happiness in their Obviously, I hope that I have a family, a job, money and a good happiness in my life in the worldwide.

      Third, I am excited when I get a career, family, budget and good life. I am happy to help people who they want me to aid. Above all, poor people in the countryside. The charily is essential for populations or citizens in the countries over the word, particularly Cambodia people. I volunteer to help them because I want to help my country. I wish my homeland were a development country, peace and democracy. I can help them from my advice or knowledge in order to get them prepares their lives the best. I can support some money them to sell grocery at the marker or help their kids to attend at the university. These are my goal in the future. If I achieve or succeed my plan, I will be surprise so much.

      At the end, I would like to say again and again that the people who cannot limit their lives goal to seem, they cannot find the gate way for walking, and they cannot achieve with their work to do. Whereas our study, it is going to make our future time. So, we can decide our mind and heart correctly. And then it makes us get a good result and luck. All the people live on the earth; they always have their lives goal to get a good future.



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