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ចង់ប្តូរការងារ ឬ កំពុងស្វែងរកការងារ​​ ផ្វើសារឥឡូវនេះ

Advantages of studying in foreign countries

ប្រលងសញ្ញាប័ត្រមធ្យមសិក្សាទុតិយភូមិចំណេះដឹងទូទៅ និងបំពេញវិជ្ជា (សម័យប្រលងៈ ០៤ សីហា ២០០៨)


        Some students want to study at the university in their own country, but some want to study abroad. They go to learn oversea because they think that it is important for them to get a good knowledge, a good experiment and job opportunities.

        The first of all is good knowledge. At the foreign countries, they have a lot of good lectures. They are educated by good teachers who are well known in the world. They taught them all the technologies that related to the real thing in the social nowadays. Furthermore, they taught science and social subjects. These things can get them to be a strong people. They are able to show their ability in the public places. For example, they have studied about advertisement. When they know well, they can rear citizens in the world to get on. They will have a good happiness in the future.

        The second way is good experiment. They got new cultures, customs, tradition and religion. They understood about human beings who have dwelled. Daily activities linked for all the population. In particular, the modern technologies such as computers, call phones and satellites. They can use correctly and effectively in their skills. The majority of the modern technologies get them to know how to invent materials for all the people over the world to use. On the other hand, they and are good at English language, so they can translate well form English Khmer or From Khmer to English. They will become a good interpreter to society. They took these skills and experiments to service their own countries, especially Cambodia.

        The third of all is job opportunities. This factor is necessary for people. Human being hove to work of their families even though a small occupation or big career because they must eat meal, food especially rice. Thus when they gradated abroad, they came back their homelands; they will getter a good job than students studied in the domestic area. For instance, there are to men. One goes abroad and anther stays country. We see that one went abroad, get a good word and one more has no job to work in a present. Some companies need Khmer students who have graduated or finished abroad because they think these students have got good skills and experiments from the foreign countries. They hope that their companies will improve and develop in the future. They will succeed in their business or trades in the community. So, students have come from the foreign counties, they have a lot of good chances to find a good occupation for their lives and families appropriately.

        Totally, I would like to repeat that when we go to study abroad, we choose way correctly because when we come back homeland, we will receive a comfortable happiness for our families because of our knowledge of modern culture at the foreign countries. In order to have advantages of studying in foreign counter, we must study hard at school, namely; from kindergarten to upper secondary school. We have to climb up the first step. On behalf of we are Cambodian; we must try herd for our families, people and country.



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