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Foreign Cultures have Flown into Cambodia

Foreign cultures flow into Cambodia through various means. Write about what kinds of foreign cultures have flown into Cambodia, how they came in, how they influence Cambodia culture and how to prevent them. (Write Between 180-200 words).
ប្រលងឆមាសទិ២ ថ្នាក់ ១២  (សម័យប្រលងៈ ១៩ មិថុនា ឆ្នាំ ២០០៨)


     Cambodia has its own culture to identify the nation, but there are some foreign cultures have own into Cambodia. We know that foreign cultures always flow from the neighbor countries such tradition or custom, languages (literature, art) and religion (belief. What are the influence of foreign culture on Cambodia culture?

     One of all is tradition. Some people go abroad and some foreigners go Cambodia. People live anwork together, so they must communicate each other. Some foreigners use their culture. For instance, they shake hand with friend and co-workers, so his friend or co-workers must respect to shake hand with him, too Furthermore, clothes that they use in Cambodia are sexy clothes and stylish. Thus people want to wear the some they do. People want to change something new in order to develop their beauty. They copy foreign customs in order to invent own culture. On the other hand, television is a resource of influence. It has shown films that performed about their culture, speech and materials which get Cambodia want to do.

     Two of all is language. When people live in the society, they need to find a job so that they fit to be human beings, so they have to learn a lot. When they study their courses, they have to learn Khmer language and other languages including Sanskrit and Bali. The Sanskrit language flew into Cambodia from India. So, we see that all the monasteries have Sanskrit documents, bibles and textbooks. Plus, some monks or nuns have known it. Whereas Thai language, they are similar. For example, Thai word (tour yang) and Khmer means example. Vietnamese word (Bagn Chav), means fritter in Khmer. Anyway, there are some arts, films and stories.

     There of all is religion (belief). Our country have paid respect and followed the Buddhism. Everyone loves and worships the Buddha. They believe that Buddha can give happiness and comfort them peacefully from the present until future. Buddhism flew into Cambodia from India because Buddha was born over there. But, before Cambodian believed Buddhism, they had been worshiping following Brahmanism. Religion can both get citizens die and comfort because of the belief.

     In solving the problems, we should clasp our hands to respect someone before you shake hand with them because we are Cambodian people. We are good people. We should appreciate our stories, especially films. All the programs on the television should show only the Khmer films. Not to show the foreign films because they can get the young generations copy those. We must turn back to protect our culture together. As for clothes, we should use Khmer clothes. We have to admire the Khmer products.   Because of our uniforms, thus the government should limit and control people’s clothes correctly. The government has to advise about our country. Old men, women and priests should educate our young kids to know clearly about the culture, custom and tradition at school, houses and monasteries.

     In closing, I would like to say again and again that influences of foreign cultures are both useful and useless because some cultures are peace. They bring human right, democracy and business. Opposite, Khmer can confuse the weddings come, couples always cut the wedding cakes as the same Europeans do.  Like this, we should not be popular our country. We should follow our ancestor ‘’’s customs that they gave us. Thus on behalf of we are Khmer is alike means nation is alike, too. We always opposite to the foreign culture and protect our culture from flowing foreign culture.




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