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ចង់ប្តូរការងារ ឬ កំពុងស្វែងរកការងារ​​ ផ្វើសារឥឡូវនេះ

            At the rate our country is developing because we are living in an age of great change. For the economic field it is also presently involve in an accelerated development program, too. We know that there are a lot of banks in our country and all the banks always give loans to people. However, bank loan only provides advantages and but also provides disadvantages. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of bank loan?

            If we talk about its advantages, there are a lot of points of advantages. Firstly, I would like to rise about the speed talk. People sometime focus on time security very much. So if borrowers need to borrow the money, the bank can be secured quickly in less than an hour. Next, we consider about use. The borrowers can use bank for a number of reasons such as taking money to run businesses, invest in stocks, buy home, buy vehicles or buy something that want or need. Moreover, a bank loan is a financial package which help us tide over difficult time. The last advantage of bank loan involves specification of using money. In case of a personal loan, one need not to specify use of money. All a borrower should do it to repay the money in equated monthly or before the stipulated date.

            In contrast, the bank also gives many disadvantages to people too. The first disadvantage is related to fees. Some loans carry a prepayment penalty to prevent the borrower from paying the note early without incurring extra cost so it is the problem that the borrower should care about. Secondly, the problem is about the refunding. People sometimes borrow too much money. After that have no money to refund, therefore the banks will take their house, fields and other valuables. For instance, as one family in my village, they had borrowed in a large amount of money from the bank. They had no money to refund because they did not take this money to run business or did the thing that did not make them get income; therefore, bank took their house and fields. As a result, they have no house to live and no field to do farm.

            According to my description, we can conclude that bank loan can provide a lot of advantages and disadvantages. But if we know how to use the loan for the useful thing, it may give us a lot of advantages more than disadvantages.




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