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            Facebook has becoming a popular name among those who are so into it. Individuals who have an account in Facebook are now using more of their time to socializing with other people amidst the distance and lack of time. And even if a community like Facebook serves numerous advantages, it also proves to have certain disadvantages as well. There are now series of improvements in the system just to make up with the shortcomings. Arguments regarding the different advantages and disadvantages of Facebook are stated as following

            Facebook allows user search for new and friends, accessible to chosen universities having a high level of security, makes it less awkward when communicating with strangers or people you are not familiar with. Moreover, it leads to love attraction and as a dating service system. Makes it easier to join groups having similar likes and it also allows members to check who are taking the same class, living within the same area, or coming from the same academy.

            At the same Facebook brought some disadvantages behind it such as overcrowding, weakening long distance relationship, unsupported by physical adjacency. Moreover, it contributes wide-range procrastination. Rampant addiction possible for stalking and acquaintances can labelled as friends as well.

            Surely, the disadvantages don’t pose a threat to you just by merely looking at it. Someone else has to profile it directly in proportion with can happen to them. A user must understand what he is trying to give out otherwise things might get messy and people will mistake them as someone else.

            It is quite obvious that a trade-off is happening between the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook, while it increases the communication and connection between friends and the online community; it also increases the risk of procrastination and makes it easier to stalk a user, worse, some re actually punished for what they put on their profile and would claim that it was there only for fun.

            Despite the above mentioned advantages and disadvantages of an online networking service, it still is gaining demand and popularity among the young crowd. This is regardless of the age, race and country. Some are now trying to criticize the status of professionalism of this site whether just another fad like other online networking services are.




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