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ចង់ប្តូរការងារ ឬ កំពុងស្វែងរកការងារ​​ ផ្វើសារឥឡូវនេះ

            Traffic accident is the most concerning problem we are facing today. The figure of accident has become increasing and most of people are injured and died from day. To solve this problem, government of Cambodia especially the capital of Phnom Penh has been introduced all Khmer people to wear helmet. In my opinion, wearing helmet provides us some benefits for reasons.

            First of all, wearing helmet helps to reduce traffic accident. People pay enough attention while they are driving if they wear helmet. Moreover, it helps us in protecting our eyes from the dust or terrible lights from other vehicles because we don’t need to use our hand or fingers to clean it while we are controlling our vehicles.

            Next, wearing helmet helps you to oblige your duty as a real citizen. Waring helmet is the law; someone who broke it would be fined by police. People who wear helmet will become the responsible person because they obey traffic law and traffic lights. It is the wasted of time and money if police fine you. So, being a person must have a scene of responsibility.

            Finally, wearing helmet help you to protect your life. While you are controlling your vehicle on the roads that would have a lot of problems especially accident. By wearing helmet, you can avoid your head from danger. Head is the most important part for everyone. If our heads have problem we cannot do anything, or some times to be abnormal or crazy or even dead.

            All in all, wearing helmet is very useful for us especially our lives protected. We cannot buy our live but we can prevent it by wearing helmet as Khmer proverb say “Prevention is better than cure”. Together wear helmet, I believe that country will be in safety, peace development.



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