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ចង់ប្តូរការងារ ឬ កំពុងស្វែងរកការងារ​​ ផ្វើសារឥឡូវនេះ

            Prasat Preah Vihea is a sacred shrine which located on the high and smooth plateau along the Dang Rek Mountain about 625 meters in Preah Vihea provinces around this temple is cool, smoggy, temperate and perfect landscape. This temple decorated with many styles. Recently, we had introduced Preah Vihea into the World Heritage which prepared by UNESCO on 7th July, 2008. It gives us some important benefits.

            First, we can preserve our territorial integrity and cultures. We can germinate conscience to all Khmers in all generations to love and glorify our cultures. We also change this area to becomes the world tourists target both local and the international, so we can reduce poverty by providing many kinds of services to Khmer people. Other important benefit is that we will get fund from UNESCO for preserve and maintain this world heritage.

            Second, it will be acknowledged internationalize and it has its own values for the world. They will spread to the world what they have seen in Cambodian, so tourists in our country will be increasing and they will spread and ask for help from other countries especially developed countries.

            In conclusion, we can get many benefits both inside and outside out country, so we should try all our best to preserve and conserve our temples not only Preah Vihea but also all Khmer ancient temples because those are the priceless heritages from our ancestors.




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